Solar Array Output

The amount of power a solar array generates is directly proportional to the solar resource available throughout the day. Two critical calculations can be performed to determine the system yield: Power output (instantaneous output)Power output = instantaneous solar radiation (kW/m²) x rated array power (kW) x system efficiency Energy output (output over time)Hourly energy output […]

Configuring PV Array

A solar array is the electrical combination of several solar modules. The power output of this array will be the sum of the power outputs of the combined solar modules. The method by which the solar modules are configured will determine the electrical output characteristics (namely, current and voltage) of the solar array. Solar modules […]

Solar Water Pumping System Configurations

There are four main configurations for solar pumping systems. Note that the configurations and applications detailed below are not exhaustive; they are designed to give an overview of what’s available. You may wish to seek further information from somewhere else. Solar Alone This configuration is one of the most straightforward, commonly deployed, and cost-effective designs. […]

Is Solar Water Pumping the Winner?

Bearings must be selected based upon the loads and service conditions they are likely to encounter. Incorrect sizing and selection of a bearing may lead to bearing failure.