What Pumping Tasks Suit Solar-power?

Solar PV arrays provide power whenever the sun is shining. Designed properly, solar PV systems can ensure a steady and reliable power supply, even on cloudy days.
Solar has the potential to reduce your pumping energy bill and maintenance costs if any of the following apply:

What Pumping Tasks Suit Solar-power, Solar Irrigation Pump
  1. You already use electric pumps for irrigation and are grid-connected.
  2. You pump water to header tanks for stock or domestic use.
  3. You have the potential to load shift (e.g., use solar during the day to reduce total electricity demand and enable a more favorable tariff structure).
  4. You have substantial and efficient water storage (solar is ideal for transfer pumping tasks).
  5. You have a discrete daytime pumping task as part of your broader irrigation system suitable for a solar power solution.

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