Shading on Solar PV Array

If the solar array is shaded in any way, its power output will be reduced. If there is continuous shading at the same position on the solar modules, the modules can develop ‘hot spots’ that can damage them permanently. Incidental shading is not static, as it moves throughout the day and year, following the sun’s movement. A comprehensive analysis must be undertaken to pinpoint possible sources of shading and to confirm where shading will impact the modules at different times of the day and year.

Possible sources of shading include:

  1. Vegetation – trees, bushes, long grass, leaves …
  2. Structures – buildings, shelters, fences, telegraph poles …
  3. Landforms – hills, rocks …
  4. The array itself – not leaving enough room between rows of tilted solar modules can cause one row to shade the row behind it.
shade of solar pv system, solar array shade

The PV array should be located so that it will not be shaded by surrounding objects at any time of year.
The shadow of an object shifts with the location of the sun.


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