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Flexible Solar Panel 100W, Shingled Technology

The Couleenergy Shingled PERC Flexible Solar Panel uses innovative strips of solar cells that can be overlaid to form electrical connections. The strips are held together with electrically conductive adhesive, providing both flexibility and conductivity.

Additional information

Rated Power @ STC

100 Watts

Open Circuit Voltage


Short Circuit Current


Maximum Power Voltage


Maximum Power Current





925mm × 580mm × 2mm

Cell Dimensions

182mm × 35mm

Maximum System Voltage


Junction Box

IP68 Rated




4mm², Customized Length


MC4 Compatible

Application Level

Class A



Temp Coefficient of ISC


Temp Coefficient of VOC


Temp Coefficient of Pmax


Sample Evaluation


Mixed Loading


Flexible Solar Panel 100W, Shingled Technology

Unlike conventional solar panels that use busbars to hold the cells together, which can limit the number of cells and the amount of power that can be drawn, shingled flexible solar panels 100W utilize overlaid solar strips. This means that only pure cells are available to draw power from the sun, resulting in maximum efficiency.

Check with Couleenergy for your shingled solar panel needs, or explore our extensive product list for conventional and foldable solar panels that fit your preferences.


Shingled Solar Panel, Flexible Solar Panels



1. Our unique ECR overlapping method reduces internal resistance and enhances performance compared to traditional busbar connections. Shingle technology minimizes the hot-spot effect and dramatically reduces the risk of micro-cracks

2. IP68-rated junction box, reliable cables, and standard MC4 connectors ensure stability and reliability.

3. With upgraded efficiency of up to 23% and continuous power supply even on cloudy days, our product offers unprecedented convenience.

4. Lightweight semi-flexible design, easy to carry, ship, and install, and boasts a graceful and fashionable appearance.

5. Offers a wide range of applications, from golf cars and yachts to caravans and electric vehicles, and for use in camping, roof power generation, portable bags, backpacks, and portable generator kits.

6. To prevent scratches, our product features rounded corners and a hardened surface through a specialized process.

Flexible Solar Panels for RV, Lightweight Solar Panels


At Couleenergy, we take pride in our ability to create custom solar panels and solar-powered solutions that cater to the unique requirements of various industries, such as transportation, agriculture, parking, and environmental monitoring.

We understand the importance of working closely with our clients to comprehend their dimensional and power needs fully. Our team of experts will then translate these requirements into precise technical drawings, followed by rigorous performance testing within your design. We also efficiently manage the production and export process, providing dependable solar solutions that perfectly align with your needs.

We are committed to delivering top-quality, reliable solar products that meet and exceed your expectations. You can trust us to work collaboratively with you and provide support every step of the way.