A Comprehensive Guide to Off-grid Solar Panels and Solar Systems

solar Power for Cabin, Off-grid Solar System

I. Introduction The sun, an abundant and consistent power source, offers us a way to reduce our carbon footprint and embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle. This blog aims to shed light on small solar panels and off-grid solar systems, providing a comprehensive guide for anyone considering this sustainable switch. Solar energy, harnessed using solar panels, […]

Shading on Solar PV Array

If the solar array is shaded in any way, its power output will be reduced. If there is continuous shading at the same position on the solar modules, the modules can develop ‘hot spots’ that can damage them permanently. Incidental shading is not static, as it moves throughout the day and year, following the sun’s […]

Solar Water Pumping System Configurations

There are four main configurations for solar pumping systems. Note that the configurations and applications detailed below are not exhaustive; they are designed to give an overview of what’s available. You may wish to seek further information from somewhere else. Solar Alone This configuration is one of the most straightforward, commonly deployed, and cost-effective designs. […]

Is Solar Pumping Right for My Farm?

Is solar pumping right for my farm? If so, which configuration is likely to be most suitable?To help you decide whether solar pumping is a technically feasible and financially viable option for your farm, consider the following questions: Are your current pumps suitable? Diesel pumps cannot be integrated with solar power and would need to […]

Irrigation Pumping – Lifting and Distributing Bulk Water

The cost of pumping bulk water using mains electricity or diesel has become a significant burden on agricultural productivity, with most irrigation farmers having to cover six-figure energy bills. While electricity is more efficient for pumping than diesel, high network charges and connection costs in rural areas have inhibited growth in the electrification of irrigation […]

What is a “Solar Pump”?

Any electric pump can be powered by a solar array. The optimal solution for larger pumping tasks and irrigation solar water systems may involve powering the same pumps from grid networks and solar power sources. In some instances, this may require additional power control systems. Suppliers today offer small integrated solar pumping packages called ‘solar […]